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Assembling Testing and mould maintainance


At the end of the production process, all the moulds are subjected to the acceptance test, both for their functionality and their design/geometry, in order to satisfy our customer.
That's why our company have injection machines for pre-series products and moulds test.
Our products are dimensional controlled, or through a Cartesian gauge robot, or through innovative optical measurement systems, able to control a plenty of points and comparing such information with the 3D model of the manufactured product.
The most important thing is that all the Onni-Stamp’s activities don’t stop with the delivery of moulds but it can guarantee a maintenance service for its mould or other suppliers moulds. For this reason it’s very important to highlighting how Onni-Stamp is able to obtain the geometrical information of complex part with optical measurement systems. That mean that Onni-Stamp is able to repair or do maintenance on moulds also without have the mathematical design of theme.


updated 17/12/2008